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Regal Princess

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Ship name: Regal Princess
Cruise line: Princess Cruises
Cruises: 0 cruises

Ship description:

Regal Princess is truly a designer ship made to stand out from other cruise ships with its distinctive looks. Designed by Renzo Piano, this acclaimed Italian architect gave the vessel its singular stack, unique dolphin-like prow and a distinctive domed observation lounge that curves around the front of the ship for dazzling views.

Plus nightly casino gaming, dancing and live entertainment.

Regal Princess, designed by world-famous architect Renzo Piano, boasts sleek lines reminiscent of the dolphin. The crown-like observation lounge and unique smokestack give this ship an unmistakable look that sets her apart from every other vessel. Below are some of the features Regal Princess has to offer:

1,590 passengers

Spectacular three-story lobby

24-hour dining

Gallery of boutiques

Stylish wine and caviar bar, patisserie

Colonial Raj-style lounge

Charming pizzeria

Lavish outer decks set with sparkling pools

Domed entertainment complex/observation lounge

Extra-spacious staterooms

Top-deck children's center


Lotus Spa® gym and fitness area

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