Spring Repostioning Cruises

repositioning cruises

Several cruise lines offer repositioning cruises which sail from one continent to another, allowing passengers who like to spend many days at sea the chance to relax and as this type of cruise doesn’t appeal to the masses the prices are normally very competitive.

Fly over to the States and discover Florida, Las Vegas and New York amongst other areas with a pre-cruise package. Then board your ship with plenty of elbow room and other amenities for the trip back home.

Repositioning cruises offer some of the best bargains as cruise lines are anxious to fill cabins for these necessary crossings; prices can be remarkably low. It is the best time to experience a suite at a price that would be normal for an inside cabin on other sailings.

Destinations that a ship may visit include Madeira Island, which is swarmed with floral wonders and contains one of a kind hiking trails known as levadas.


The Azores provides ample opportunity for whale watching and visits to pineapple plantations.

The Azores

One or more of the Canary Islands located off the coast of Africa is another possibility and features a lush microclimate and a trekking opportunity amongst dormant volcanoes.

Other ports of call are Cadiz and Malaga in Spain and the famed city of Casablanca in Morocco, as well as the Caribbean and the upper Atlantic.


These types of cruises often contain a large number of days at sea. Most of the time, the number of days at sea ranges from six to seven, so if remaining dormant is not an option, make sure the right ship is booked that provides non stop activities.

A repositioning cruise allows you to relax onboard the ship and explore the amenities such as the casinos, live music and extravaganzas in the theatre nightly, as well as shopping at the ship’s boutiques. It is the perfect opportunity to dine in speciality restaurants. Obtaining that wellness treatment is the start of a healthy lifestyle and utilising the spa will help you to relax and remove all stress in no time.

Many cruise lines offer enrichment programs to expand your mind and knowledge even whilst you are away on holiday. Classes range from art history where you can for instance learn about the great Renaissance Masters to Western music, where you will learn about everything from Bach to Cole Porter and maybe even take some dance lessons too. There’s something for everyone to learn here and without the crowds as seen in the peak periods.

Any ship that is scheduled to spend the warmer months in Europe will be heading over in April.

Some repositioning cruises taking place in the next few weeks include:

• The Norwegian Epic 11-days sailing on April 25th departs from Miami to Barcelona.

• Royal Caribbean International’s Brilliance of the Seas 14-days sailing on April 30th departs Tampa (Florida’s west coast) for Harwich.

• Holland America Line’s MS Ryndam 15-days sailing on April 6th departs Ft. Lauderdale for Barcelona.

• The Celebrity Eclipse 13-days sailing on April 19th departs Ft. Lauderdale for Southampton.

• Princess Cruise’s Ruby Princess 14-days sailing on April 27th departs Ft. Lauderdale for Southampton.

Royal Caribbean International’s Adventure of the Seas 14-days sailing on April 20th departs Miami for Southampton.

The time zones do often change but they are certainly not as stressful or disorientating as they are when flying!

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How to Save Money on Your Cruise Holiday

A question that many people ask is how best to save money when booking a cruise and whilst on board. Here are a few of my top tips for making your hard earned cash stretch a little further whilst you’re on holiday.

Try A Repositioning Cruise

Repositioning cruises take place when cruise ships need to relocate from one region to another and mainly take place in the spring or autumn when ships move from one continent to another. They usually tend to sail from one port directly to another with very few, or no ports of call at all.

Repositioning Cruise

This is the reason why they tend to be very cheap and can offer great value for money for people who are more looking to relax and enjoy the cruise experience. As repositioning cruises have many more sea days than regular cruises there tends to be a whole host of extra activities and themed events on board that can keep passengers occupied throughout the duration of their journey.

Consider Booking a Drinks Package

One of the most costly things you spend money on whilst you’re on board a cruise ship is drinks, especially if you’re a fan of a tipple or two to accompany your holiday experience. Most cruise lines offer drinks packages which allow you to buy soda, wine or other drinks all together and save on the total price.

Drinks Packages

Most cruise lines offer soda packages which can be useful if you’re travelling with children. Wine packages can be great value for money if you enjoy a fine wine with dinner. If you opt for a wine package and open a bottle of wine with dinner that you don’t want to finish that evening, the waiters will be happy to cork it for you to keep for the following evening, or you can take it with you to enjoy in one of the ship’s bars after dinner.

Are Shore Excursions Necessary?

Another thing many people spend large amounts of money on during their cruise holiday is shore excursions booked through their cruise line. Whilst these can be exciting, interesting and are easy as all of the research is done for you, they can be very expensive. Often it’s far cheaper and more rewarding to plan your own itineraries for a day in port. Doing your own thing in port allows you to spend time seeing the things you’d like to see and they are far more flexible than organised tours where you must adhere to set times and set routes.

Shore Excursions

They allow you to linger over lunch if you desire, spend an extra half hour seeing that attraction you’ve been dying to see, or skip over the things you aren’t too interested in. After all, it’s your holiday so you should spend your time doing the things you want to do instead of simply following the crowd.

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