Princess Cruises Gear up for A Celebration

Sailing to all seven continents with stops at 350 different ports of call illustrates what Princess Cruise Lines is all about. Under the umbrella of its parent company, Carnival Corporation, Princess maintains its personality as a leader in the cruise industry. The line is gearing up to celebrate its 50th Anniversary.

Departing on December 3, 2015, the exact day 5 decades ago the line’s first ship, Princess Patricia set sail, a one-time special Mexico itinerary sailing will commemorate the event. Everything is hush-hush since the announcement, but Princess promises that its ship the 670 passenger Pacific Princess being used will be nothing short of a huge celebration.

pacific princess

This nostalgia cruise promises to have a few surprise guests onboard as well as top-named entertainers. Booking for this once-in-a-lifetime cruise holiday begins on the 13th of May.

Modest Beginnings

Stanley B. McDonald started Princess Lines in 1965 by chartering a ship and using it for winter season cruises with paying passengers bound for Mexico out of California. The line could not keep up with the bookings. By adding other ships, this innovative venture created a successful mid-size enterprise and formulated cruising as a holiday concept placing it back on the map once more.


Expansion grew further, thanks to the television series, the “Love Boat”. The show utilised Princess’s Pacific Princess in 1977 as the focal point and the storyline, which touched on the trials and tribulations of fictitious guests who sailed on her for the show. This proved to be the best advertising campaign in history and made Princess Cruises a household name. Sales for cruise holidays soared as did the number of ships, and as of today, the line has a total of 17 modern ships in their fleet.

Size and locations

The larger Princess ships offer passengers many of the usual onboard amenities that you would come to expect from a major cruise line together with some of the more standard itineraries. Princess’ smaller ships head to unique areas such as Antarctica, the Amazon and other regions of untouched habitats.

Star Princess in Antarctica

Princess is prominent in Alaska, but it also offers cruises to Mexico, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, India and Antarctica. Cruises frequently depart during the spring/summer/autumn season from Southampton, Dover, Barcelona and Venice, whilst in the winter Caribbean season ships depart from Fort Lauderdale and New Orleans.

Cruises also originate from Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil and Chile. Alaskan cruises can be combined with a land tour by train that utilises Princess Wilderness Lodges. Wilderness Lodges are located in Denali, Kenai, Fairbanks, Mount McKinley and Copper River. Glacier hiking, national parks and wildlife watching are highlights of Princess’s Alaskan cruises tours. Princess employ  a naturalist to help guests become acquainted with whales, sea lions, birds, bears and other wildlife.

Sapphire Princess

Recent news

Besides the announcement of the 50th Anniversary cruise, Princess has something else to celebrate with its newest fleet member debuting this May. The Regal Princess’s maiden voyage will start off through the Caribbean out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with plans to head across to Europe later on. This luxurious new ship has set a buzz of excitement in the cruise world as it boasts new and innovative attractions and is going to hold approximately 3,560 passengers.

Regal Princess

The atrium aboard the Regal Princess is going to be similar to the one aboard the Royal Princess and the ship will have plenty of activities available, from taking in some relaxing entertainment at Piazza to enjoying an ice cream at the Italian style Gelato to having a nice relaxing martini at Crooners. There’s something for everyone here and this is a great place to get to know your fellow travellers.

One of the new attractions on the Regal Princess is the SeaWalk, a 28 foot walkway that is surrounded by glass panelling and provides stunning views of the ocean and it lights up at night. Other attractions include The Princess Watercolour Fantasy, a night time amazing light and sound show that takes place on the top deck pool with a series of dancing fountains that shoot water up 33 feet into the air. Club goers can rejoice in the fact that there is a hip, new and happening nightclub called Club 6.

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Princess take Passengers feedback Onboard!

regal princess

Princess Cruises have recently announced changes to the designs for their latest cruise ship, Regal Princess, which is due to launch in the spring of 2014.

The ship was originally designed to be a twin sister to Royal Princess which debuted in June 2013. Royal Princess features a larger, expanded atrium with more entertainment and dining options, the largest top deck pool ever with a water and light show and balconies on every single outside stateroom.

Royal Princess also has the best children’s programme, entertainment and dedicated children’s and teen’s areas on board of all of its fleet.

Regal Princess will still retain the majority of the popular features that Royal Princess enjoys however Princess Cruises confirmed that they will make certain changes in the design of the new ship after receiving complaints and suggestions from many passengers.

Many people are said to have complained that Royal Princess does not have a promenade deck where passengers can walk around the length of the ship.

Passengers enjoy doing this, especially during days at sea, in order to stretch their legs and get a bit of exercise in the open air. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to get too sweaty in the gym but still want to get a bit of exercise after devouring too many treats on board.


The deck plans have been changed so that Deck 7 will now have promenade access enabling passengers to traverse the length of the ship.

Passengers who had been aboard Royal Princess also complained that there was no aft pool on board Princess’s newest ship. On board Regal Princess there will be an aft pool added to an area that is used as additional deck space on Royal Princess.

A spokesperson for Princess Cruises said that ‘designing a prototype ship three years out is not an exact science and there are always opportunities to improve upon original concepts based on real operational experience’.

It’s surely a good sign that Princess are taking advice and complaints from loyal passengers seriously and actually doing something about it. The cruise line have taken the opportunity to learn from the passengers real life experiences and translate these into positive changes for Regal Princess.

The changes that have been made to the deck plans are sure to benefit the cruise company with the launch of their latest ship. Passengers should be pleased that their suggestions have been taken on board (literally!) and the cruise line will use this feedback to improve their fleet in future.

This is definitely a lesson for all cruise lines in listening to your customers and translating the information into positive changes that will keep passengers returning on future cruise holidays.

*Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises and represents sister ship, Royal Princess which may vary slightly for Regal Princess.


Regal Princess Set to Debut Early

Regal Princess

Princess Cruises have recently announced that their latest cruise ship, Regal Princess, will debut a full 13 days earlier than previously planned. The ship had been due to launch on the second of June 2014, but will now launch on May 27th.

Princess Cruises has added 2 week-long itineraries to fill the extra two weeks. Both are Mediterranean sailings and the launch will see Regal Princess sailing from Venice to Athens. Passengers who were originally booked for the inaugural cruise on June 2nd have had their bookings moved to the launch sailing on May 20th but have until the 15th of November to decide if they would rather sail on this date or honour their existing booking.

Regal Princess will be the sister ship to Royal Princess, which was launched on the 16th of August of this year. It will have capacity for three and a half thousand passengers and will offer ‘exciting new innovations and signature features’.

Some of these features are set to be a larger and more spacious atrium area with more entertainment on offer and a larger selection of dining options. It will also have the largest top deck pool ever seen on a Princess Cruise ship which will include an exciting water and light show that is sure to appeal to both children and adults.

As with Royal Princess, Regal Princess will also have the brand new SeaWalk experience. This is an evolutionary design which is a glass enclosed walking area which is cantilevered looks straight down onto the sea 128 feet below! ‘With vistas as exciting and exhilarating as the captain sees from the bridge’ this is one feature that is definitely not for the feint-hearted.

The atrium area of Regal Princess is set to be up to 50% bigger than other Princess ships (excluding Royal Princess – the two are set to be identical). Leading off from the atrium will be plenty of casual dining options including Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar, Alfredo’s Pizzeria and Gelato.

There will also be a number of performances and entertainment taking place in the ship’s main atrium area. There will also be a number of bars leading off the atrium including Bellii’s Bar, Crooner’s and many more.

Another feature which is sure to appeal to passengers is the fact that every single outside stateroom on board Regal Princess will have a balcony.

Entertainment is set to be a focus on the new Regal Princess and there will be a number of new entertainment areas on board as well as new and exciting forms of entertainment. The popular Movies Under the Stars concept will see a giant screen 30% larger than on board other ships on the pool deck. This area will provide guests with the chance to watch movies, sporting events and concerts in the open-air.

The Princess Theatre is set to be the largest theatre yet and will feature architectural lighting and technical effects. Princess Live! is set to be a TV studio at sea that will show broadcast-ready events that will include live concerts, comedy shows, culinary shows and game shows.

Image courtesy of Princess Cruises