2014 Cruises That Coincide With Top Events

2014 is bound to have an endless amount of activities and events that are perfect to pique the interest of holidaymakers.

However, instead of checking into expensive hotels to see a favourite event and paying too much for dining, there are many holiday cruises available that may just hit upon the special event. The best part is your floating hotel has not only luxury accommodations and fine dining, but also allows one to see an event and travel to new destinations.

Here are some options available for the first half of 2014 available with the comfort of a cruise holiday.

Australian Open in Melbourne, January 13–26: One of the prized Grand Slam tennis events that everyone wants to go to (the others being the French Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open) is the Australian Open.

Join all the high profile celebrities who come to the ‘down under’ and watch the first leg of the tennis champions grasp their first win for 2014. Cruise line Silversea is offering fans a 3 night pre-cruise package deal to the 109th Australian Open in Melbourne.

The passengers will have the ability to see 3 singles matches on both January 18th and 19th before heading on the small but cosy ship, Silver Shadow for a 15 night voyage that goes everywhere from Melbourne to Bali.


Mardi Gras, February 15–March 4: The world famous New Orleans festival is one of the biggest events of the year on the other side of the pond. This once in a lifetime experience during the first quarter of the year is filled with floats, masks, beads and jazz. Louisiana specialties from spicy Cajun style blacken catfish, Creole gumbo and jambalaya will be flowing in full until ‘Fat Tuesday’ on the 4th of March.

With the festival being so popular, it’s no surprise that a large amount of cruise companies, including Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Line are planning to go there.

New Orleans

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, February 28–March 4: Perhaps the biggest and most spectacular out of all the carnivals in the world, this carnival is certainly not one to miss. Held just before Lent, the carnival attracts over 2 million spectators for every day of the festival and has many interesting sights such as parades, street fairs and costume balls.

The cruise company Holland America is going to be sending their ship Maasdam to Rio for the carnival season for 3 days. This is in junction with their 26 day Amazon tour, a perfect opportunity to see the carnival. Other cruise lines making a visit include MSC Orchestra and Pullmantur’s Sovereign and Zenith.


70th Anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, June 6: Celebrity Cruise Line is known for their fine service and since 2010, Celebrity Eclipse has been dazzling its passengers. To commemorate the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, the ship will dock in Le Havre, France as one port of call on its 14-night Scandinavia & Russia cruise.

Arrangements of shore excursions are available to booked passengers wishing to visit the shorelines along the coast of Normandy during this poignant day in history.


FIFA World Cup in Brazil, June 12–July 13: The World Cup is the biggest event of the year for most people around the world and it’s no surprise that the cruise lines are trying to get in on the action. Most notably, departing on 24 May 2014, the MSC Divina has an 18-night cruise from Miami to Rio.

This is the best option to take as it allows visitors to see other areas as well. Before getting into that football fever, experience some Caribbean flavour with other port of calls such as Barbados, Grenada and the Virgin Islands.  Or do it the opposite way after the games on the 14th of July sailing and cruise north to Miami aboard the MSC Divina.

Brazil world cup

There are many more cruises that hit upon major events and festivals. Just pick the event and location and there is bound to be a ship stopping in port.

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Why Have Cruise Holidays Become So Popular?

Cruise holidays now account for around one in eight of all package holidays sold within the UK today, so just why have cruises become so popular?

Cruises can offer great value for money for passengers. There are some terrific deals to be found on cruise holidays for singles, couples, families and groups. Many cruise companies offer deals throughout the year such as free child places, free flights to embarkation ports, all inclusive upgrades and more. Cruise companies also offer some great loyalty schemes which ensure that returning passengers get the best discounts and deals available.

Cruise holidays are also becoming increasingly popular with a younger market, including young families, young couples and young groups of friends. This is due to enticing contemporary features offered on board modern cruise liners.

Some cruise lines like Royal Caribbean feature rock climbing walls, wave machines, open air cinemas, ice rinks and zip lines, to name but a few and undoubtedly attract a young (and young at heart!) cruise passenger. Combine these great on board features with a bargain cruise price and it’s a wonder more young people aren’t rushing to book cruises!

Rock Climbing on Royal Caribbean

Ice Skating Rink Royal Caribbean

Cruises offer a great way to see the world in a short space of time. In a one week holiday you might be lucky enough to visit 6 or 7 ports, depending on the destination, in as many as 4 or 5 countries.

Pullmantur Cruises for example offer the Mediterranean Breezes itinerary which visits 6 ports giving you the chance to visit Barcelona, Pisa and Rome amongst others.

That’s a perfect way to see lots of different places for people whose holiday time is dictated by the short amount of time they can take off work. A cruise is definitely the perfect way to discover multiple new places whilst only having to unpack once! You can save the time it would take you to repack and unpack in new places simply having fun and enjoying your well-earned holiday.

Rome Pisa and Barcelona

Cruise holidays are easy. For example if you decided to visit the same amount of places by train in the same amount of time as your cruise holiday, it would surely be much more difficult in both the planning and the execution stages. With cruising all the planning is done for you, all you have to do is decide which places you’d like to visit during your time in each different port. However, the most important piece of planning is making sure you get back to the ship on time for it sailing away!