Norwegian Breakaway – See Whats On Board

Last week saw the official launch of Norwegian Cruise Lines latest ship, Norwegian Breakaway. This large, modern ship can hold more than 4,000 passengers and has many exciting new features that guests are sure to love.

Norwegian Breakaway

Norwegian Breakaway features a host of different dining options for passengers to choose from. These include a steakhouse, an Italian restaurant, a seafood restaurant, a sushi restaurant and a teppanyaki space. Having never experienced teppanyaki at sea before this would certainly be a place I’d love to try out.

Teppanyaki Restaurant

The ship has an Aqua Park for kids and adults to enjoy. It is one of the largest aqua parks at sea and has five large water slides, two pools and four hot tubs. There is also a special area for kids to enjoy, complete with squirting water toys!

Aqua Park

For lovers of sports and activity there is a large sports complex which stretches over three decks of the ship. This includes a mini golf course, bungee trampolines, climbing cages, a rock climbing wall and a suspended activity course. This is sure to keep both kids and adults entertained at all times.

Sports Complex

There are excellent children’s features on board that are sure to appeal to families. Teenagers between 13 and 17 can hang out in ‘Entourage’, where there are video games, a video jukebox, movies and much more. There are also organised activities such as pool and pizza parties and group games.

For younger children there is a two story facility where ages 3 to 12 can dance on the interactive, light up dance floor, play at the circus school, play video games, watch films and do arts and crafts under the watchful eye of the fully trained staff. This means parents can have some well-deserved time off to enjoy the features of the ship that appeal to them.

One popular feature that Norwegian Cruise Lines have adopted on this ship is Studios – the first accommodations designed and priced specifically for solo travellers. This also allows Studio passengers access to the Studio Complex where solo passengers can enjoy the self-service wine bar, watch the 50” big screen television and get to know other solo travellers on board.

Breakaway Studio

There are also designated Spa Mini-Suites on board that aim to appeal to guests who would like to be pampered during their cruise holiday. These staterooms provide easy access to the Spa and Fitness Centre on board and are designed in calming colours which aim to create a soothing atmosphere for guests.

Breakaway Spa

With all of these exciting features, plus many more, Norwegian Breakaway sounds like an entertaining, luxurious new cruise liner. Why not take a look at the itineraries available and try it out for yourself.

Pictures courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Lines



The Environmental impact of Cruising

In a world which is becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of its actions, it is only right that the environmental impact of cruising be looked into and constantly monitored and improved. With cruise holidays becoming more and more popular with more passengers travelling by ship every year and bigger ships constantly being built environmental impact is undoubtedly a contentious issue.

How responsible is cruise tourism for the environment and is it an eco-friendly form of travel? How are cruise companies working to reduce their negative impact on the fragile environment?

With 24 new ships(including NCL’s Breakaway below) scheduled to be constructed within the next 5 years in Europe alone and cruise ships are increasingly becoming larger and larger and evolving into floating cities, rather than a simple means of transportation and their impact is something which clearly needs to be closely monitored.

Norwegian Breakaway

There are many regulatory bodies such as the International Maritime Organisation who ensure that the cruise industry is one of the most highly regulated within the travel industry. There are a number of steps which cruise companies have taken in recent years to ensure their environmental impact is reduced.

Fuel efficiency is one of the main ways cruise companies try to ensure they aren’t causing the environment unnecessary damage.

A number of changes have been brought in over time to ensure greater fuel efficiency and less consumption which has included reducing cruising speeds and cruise ships spending longer in many ports in order to preserve fuel. This is also excellent for passengers who can enjoy a few extra hours on land exploring new places. A number of cruise companies have opted to stay overnight in many ports such as St. Petersburg, Venice and Singapore which allows passengers to see these places by night and gain a new perspective on them.


All newer ships are designed with fuel efficiency and economy in mind. This includes their hulls being painted, designed and continually cleaned in order to greatly reduce drag through the water.

Older ships have also had their engines completely replaced with newer, more efficient engines which has worked to immensely reduced fuel consumption and thus, environmental impact.

Cruise companies have also improved their on board waste sorting and recycling facilities. I haven’t seen a cruise ship rubbish bin for years that hasn’t had separate compartments for different types of waste such as aluminium cans, paper and glass. Many cruise ships even have recycling facilities on board which allows them to crush items into manageable sizes which are then transported to recycling plants on land.

With all these practices in place, plus many, many more, it is clear that the cruise industry as a whole are committed to reducing their environmental impact and are attempting to be as green as possible.