Keeping your Cruise Holiday Costs Down

Save money on your next Cruise

One of the best options for your next holiday is the cruising option. A Cruise holiday allows passengers not only the chance to visit new destinations, but to also enjoy the luxury of a floating hotel.

Sometimes though Cruise travellers feel that once they get onboard, they are being inundated with extra costs. This is due to the cruise lines adding more options such as specialty dining and other activities with a separate surcharge if they wish to partake.

Here are the top ten items that will keep your holiday costs down!

1. Expand your Knowledge Not all enrichment classes come with a fee and include more stimulating activities on those days at sea, instead of simply lying by the pool. These interactive classes can range from culinary demonstrations, ice sculpting, how to lose weight safely, learning to use a computer and money saving tips.

2. Eat Eat Eat! The theme restaurants on board might be something to try for one evening, but even the buffet has all kinds of culinary options for one to try. This is the perfect opportunity to sample a fare that one never gets a chance to do so at home. Cruise ship dining menus offer everything from the mundane to the exotic. There will always be something that’s unusual to try for free.

3. Get Physical  A good way to keep off weight and get a workout is by heading to the gym. Don’t think of this as work; think of it as a way to sample that latest state of the art equipment without signing up for a long term contract as one would in their local physical fitness centre. Head to the gym early in the morning, when it’s practically empty.

4. Whether in the cabin, theatre or at dusk poolside, admission to a movie is always free. The best part is snacks are welcomed and many ships supply free popcorn and blankets to snuggle in for watching the big screen on deck.

5. Cruise ships are great places to learn a step or two without costing a quid. The variety of dance genres that the staff teaches can range from the Texas Cotton Eye Joe to the tango to the Electric Slide and everything else in-between.

6. Picture Perfect Don’t bother with photos taken by the ship’s photographer, which tend to be pricey. Instead, carry a camera at all times as photos can be taken anywhere, aboard the ship or in an exotic port.  These photos will serve as a wonderful reminder of the holiday.

7. Putt Away It may not be the 18-hole course that golf enthusiasts are seeking but mini-golf is free. Normally located on the top-deck of many cruise, it is a great opportunity to practice putting and patience under the ship’s swaying at sea.  Mini-golf competitions may also be scheduled.

8. That’s Entertainment Head to the theatre and get a close up view of Vegas-style revues with all the glitz and glamour of showgirls, singers and comedians. But there’s more…some cruise lines kick up West End/Broadway musicals for their guests and there is never a fee for two on the aisle.

9. Tour Take an opportunity in exploring on your own with a good guidebook in hand. There’s no need to go on a prearranged tour at every port of call, especially when many destinations can be easily explored by yourself. Most ports have shuttles for their passengers from the berth directly to the edge of town.

10. Viewing the Sunrise Although you might have to get up early to do this, its well worth going out to the deck as the sights that you will see will be remembered forever. The view of the sun glimmering on the water whilst rising over the horizon may seem like something out of a painting or film.  It is all too real and is an awakening experience to begin a day of adventure.

You don’t need to pull out your wallet at every opportunity on a cruise and as described some of the best things to do and experience on a cruise holiday, as in life, are free.

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Do More than Putting on your Cruise Holiday!

golf cruise

Out of all of the things that make up our modern day society, one of the biggest interests of man is sports. Whether it’s played with a racket or by one’s feet, sports have always been engrained in most society and culture.

The first recorded game of golf was played at Bruntsfield Links, in Edinburgh, Scotland, in A.D. 1456.

Golf is now the one sport in particular that’s making waves both literally and figuratively. It is the subject of an exciting new program tied into a cruise holiday that aims to take the game to new heights.

For years, cruise holidays only offered the option of hitting golf balls into the ocean from the back of the deck. New developments on the horizon came next in planning what are known as golf cruises. This type of holiday allows players to improve on their game and still enjoy all of the luxurious amenities that a cruise ship provides.


Golf devotees can, on a week or more cruise holiday, visit several different courses in unique destinations and play golf.

Clubs, shoes and even golf carts are available to use on the best courses in the world, which mean that not only will amateurs and professionals alike will have access to the best equipment, they will also have less heavy luggage to take.

For novices or for those who make a birdie or two, PGA professionals both onboard or at the course will discuss the game and give out tips. Some golf cruises even go so far as to have miniature tournaments to show how much one has learned over the course of their trip.

Shore excursions for a day of golf can last approximately 6 hours or so. Truly, golf cruise holidays are something that will become even bigger as time goes on.



Take a trip onboard a Norwegian Cruise Line holiday to Bermuda which offers excursions to the best clubs alongside fabulous pink sandy beaches. Gain some personalised instructions and priority tee times to the finest golf courses with their Comprehensive Onboard Golf Academy.


U.K based travellers could easily drive to Scotland. However, a cruise holiday allows one to play in various ports without having to change hotels.

In 2015, Azamara Club Cruises will be presenting a 14 night British Open cruise that begins in Southampton heading for the British Isles and includes playing at the Royal Clubs, home to the Open Championship and Ryder Cup.


The Caribbean is a favourite destination during the winter months and there are plenty of golf courses to take advantage of. RCCL offers numerous golf shore excursions to top notch clubs in the Caribbean such as famed Mahogany Run on St. Thomas.


Have the chance of a lifetime by seeing the isles of Hawaii aboard NCL’s Hawaii Golf Cruise sailing to all 4 Hawaiian Islands in 7 days and putt on the green of some of the best and world renowned courses.


Play golf and visit Portugal, Spain & France in 2014 on board premium cruise line Azamara Club Cruises teeing off at several courses in all three countries.

Fred.Olsen‘s program “Flagship Golf” consists of excursions of golf ashore played on carefully selected courses next summer in nearly each port of call. Passengers will receive tips and hints from an on-board PGA professional, obtain practice sessions and have social get-togethers with other golfers and their travelling partners.


The facilities on Princess Cruises have gone high tech with virtual golf simulators on most of their ships. It is all computer-driven with all types of weather thrown in with resident PGA professional on-hand to take you through the ropes with private and group lessons and seminars.

After a full day on the links, return to the floating hotel for a fine dining experience, followed by choice of live music, casino action or simply polishing the clubs for the next day’s adventure at a brand new destination.

The best part is all the details for a cruise holiday are taken care of and one can concentrate on the really important things like shaving a couple of strokes off  a game.

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