4 Essential Items to take on Your Cruise

Before you embark upon your first cruise it can be really hard to know what exactly you’ll need to take and what you won’t. It’s best to plan ahead and know exactly what you’ll require whilst you’re away to save precious space in your luggage.

Plug Adaptors

Before you begin packing check out your chosen cruise line’s website for what type of plug sockets they have. All cruise ships are different and it is likely you will have to take an adaptor to allow you to use your electronics on board. What could be worse than beginning your holiday with the realisation you won’t be able to recharge your camera to take all those precious holiday photos!


Check the Dress Code

One of the first things you should do is check the suggested dress code that will be listed on your cruise lines website. Make sure you know if there are formal nights on board and, if so, how many. Pack according to the dress code for evening wear, and for daytime stick to layers which are wonderfully versatile in case of changing weather.

Try to stick to one or two different colour palettes with your clothes. For example earth tones and monochrome. If you stick to one or two colours running through all your clothes then it’s easy to mix and match and create lots of different outfits from just a few different pieces.

If you’re planning to be active on your cruise holiday and visit the gym or take part in some exciting activities on board or whilst you are ashore then be sure to pack some trainers and suitable leisure wear. Also, don’t forget to take your swimsuit so that you can enjoy a relaxing dip in the pool on board, or some much needed chill out time in the Jacuzzi.

Formal Shoes


No matter where in the world you are travelling to you’ll want to protect your skin. The sun is much stronger at sea, because it reflects off the water and increases your exposure. Be sure to have strong sunscreen to keep you protected, and a hat to cover your scalp. Nobody wants to spend their holiday looking like a lobster after too much sun!


Camera and charger

You’ll definitely want to make sure you take your camera and your charger so that you’re able to capture all those wonderful memories from your trip. There’s a line between taking too many pictures and living in the moment though. Make sure you don’t see every moment of your trip through the lens of your camera!


So, now that you know the essentials for your trip what’s stopping you from getting out there!


Tips for First Time Cruisers

Have you always thought about taking a cruise holiday, but haven’t known where to begin with regards to picking the right cruise company, the correct shop, what to pack and where to go? Well, this mini guide aims to help you know how to make these decisions and to ensure that your cruise dreams become a reality!

The Correct Cruise Line

All cruise companies are different. Each have different markets, features, styles, attractions and types of passenger. Talk to travel agents, friends who have previously cruised, and browse plenty of websites like Cruise Critic to ensure you pick a cruise line that suits you and your preferred style of travel.

There’s no point ending up on a cruise that is predominantly for older couples if you’re a young family and doing plenty of research should ensure this doesn’t happen.

Cruise Critic

The Right Cruise Ship

Do you want to be on one of the largest, most modern ships in the world, or would you prefer something smaller and more intimate, with less focus on the extra bells and whistles your ship can offer. If you don’t want to be on a ship full of children for example, there are plenty of adult only ships to choose from.

All the information you could need about a certain ship is out there on the internet, all you have to do is read it and weigh up the pros and cons of different ships for your needs.

Oasis of the Seas

Cruise Location

This one is the easiest decision of all. If you’re a fan of culture, history and delicious food then you’ll probably be at home within the Mediterranean than on the beaches of the Caribbean. If you like to explore, then somewhere like Alaska or the Norwegian Fjords would be perfect.

List the things you like to do on a normal holiday and find a cruise itinerary that will take you to places where you can do those activities.


What to Pack

This is always a tricky one for first time cruisers. Make sure you know what the dress code for your specific cruise company is. For example, find out if there will be formal nights on board, or if smart casual if the norm.

On most cruise ships daytime wear is normal holiday resort wear, such as casual sun dresses for ladies and shorts for gentlemen.

Afternoon Tea

If you know these details then you can pack accordingly. Other than that, be sure to take sunscreen, light layers to be ready for every weather eventuality, sunglasses and a camera to capture all of your exciting cruise memories!