7 Common Cruise Ship Courtesies

Cruise Ship Courtesy

It’s time for everyone to start getting ready and packing their belongings for the upcoming cruise season. While a cruise is great fun for both relaxation and the chance to see exotic locations, there are several things you must know about before you embark on your journey.

Of course, with large groups of people together onboard a ship, it is easy to get a bit carried away. Just don’t forget to pack the good manners with you. Not only for your enjoyment, but for those of your fellow passengers and the ship’s crew members who strive in following proper etiquette while on-board.

Here are just a few of those common courtesies:


One of the most important times to adhere to this is during the muster drill. It doesn’t matter that it may be your 1st or your 10th cruise; listening and paying attention can insure your safety in case of an emergency.

muster drill


Make sure you are always on time as the ship waits for no man. When the ship goes into a port, check to see what the time is for both entering and leaving.


This applies to formal dining areas or for the evenings that state so in the daily program. Even on casual or smart dress evenings, the wearing of shorts and bathing outfits are never permitted in the dining room.

Check to see that what the dress policy is on the cruise line of your choice to see what you can wear.  Generally, if you opt for casual most of the trip, the upper deck dining normally will have the buffet-style options.


It is acceptable to save one seat for a spouse or travelling companion but it is considered rude saving a whole row in the theatre. A large group should enter together, if they wish to be seated with each other in the entertainment venues. People should always make room for others.


The same rules apply with the gym. Many people will want to take advantage of the high tech exercise equipment. Allow a reasonable amount of time on each piece so others get a chance to use it. Always wipe down the equipment when you have finished using it


Expect a lot of children on a cruise, especially with cruise lines like Disney Cruise Line or in the height of the summer when the children are off school. Disney of course is geared towards a younger audience but generally all the major cruise lines become a huge draw for families during the summer months.


The best thing to do is to simply accept the fact that little ones will be on the same ship and it certainly shouldn’t be an impediment to the enjoyment of your holiday.

Parents should not let their children run wild and make sure they are on their best behaviour when in the presence of others.


There will be designated public areas or entertainment venues aboard the ship that have a strict policy of adults only. When a show or area claims to be adults only, they mean it. For those who are going on a cruise with children, they should try to leave them somewhere that is appropriate like at the children’s club or with a babysitter while they enjoy the show or attraction.

Cruise ships are floating cities at sea with a diverse population of guests that are seeking activities, exploring new places, relaxing and have the most fun crammed into a week or more. There is one desire that everyone who steps onboard a ship has and that is to have a gratifying holiday. Practicing good manners will help make it even more so.

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Are Disney Cruises just for Kids?

On my last cruise on board Holland America’s MS Ryndam I met a lovely English couple who were well into their sixties and celebrating their 40 year wedding anniversary. When I asked them what their favourite cruises had been I was surprised to hear that a Disney Cruise was in their top picks. They had taken it just a few years previously as a couple, with no children or grandchildren in tow. It got me wondering whether Disney Cruises are just for children, or whether they can appeal to adults too.

Disney Cruise Line has 4 different ships – Disney Magic, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy and Disney Wonder- and they sail from ports in the Mediterranean, America and Canada.

Disney Dream

Daytime Entertainment and Activities

Disney ships have family friendly pools and water activities on board each of their ships. I don’t know about you but I know I’d love to have a go on a transparent water coaster that propels passengers down 4 decks into a lazy river. I know quite a few adults who’d definitely be competing with the children for a shot of that!

Every Disney ship also has a Quiet Cove Pool which is adults only and so is perfect for adults looking for some relaxation time in a quiet space. This could be the perfect spot to relax whilst your kids are taking part in one of the kids club activities or if you’re travelling without children and just want some peace and quiet.

Evening Entertainment

One thing is for sure, Disney Cruises are not going to let you down with their on board entertainment! They have a vast array of entertainment available at sea. Broadway style shows and song and dance participation shows which feature some of Disney’s best loved characters.

If that’s not your cup of tea, they also have bars and lounges with live music, Irish themed pubs and adults only spaces such as La Piazza on board Disney Fantasy and Outlook Café on Disney Wonder.

La Piazza

With both family friendly and adult only spaces available on all of Disney’s ships, it is clear that they are attempting to appeal to a wider market and not just to families.


Disney Cruises offer adult only dining options on each of their four ships. Palo, an Italian restaurant, is open for dinner on each evening of your cruise holiday. The décor in Palo is upscale and elegant with a pianist tinkling the keys whilst you dine, offering surroundings you probably wouldn’t associate with a Disney Cruise.

Palo Restaurant meal

Disney cruises also offer more traditional dining options on board each of their ships including the main dining rooms with set seating and casual buffet style dining.

With all of these options available to adults and children on board Disney Cruises it’s clear that there is something to suit each and every family member!