A Date with Death & The Duchess

poison murder mystery cruise

Everybody loves a good mystery and Fred.Olsen Cruise Lines are no different!

They have introduced a ‘Poison, Murder & Mystery Cruise’ that will take place on their Boudicca ship. The 16 night cruise departs on the 10th of July of next year. The ports of call will be contributing to the sinister role play onboard the ship with the subject of poison and mystery evident with plays, talks and special tours and even a murder-mystery game.

The ship will be leaving from Rosyth in Edinburgh and will be working in tandem with the only ‘Poison Gardens’ in Britain at Alnwick Castle, owned by the Duchess of Northumberland. As the estate and castle owner is very proud of her infamous ‘Poison Gardens’, she will join the festivities’ onboard for a portion of this cruise holiday.


Alnwick Castle is one of the most popular attractions in the Northeast with more than 800 thousand visitors each year. The castle is better known as the castle that served as the set of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series of films.

Besides Alnwick, the mythical ‘Pyramids of Guimar’ will be waiting to be discovered for passengers at a ‘Poison Garden’ in Santa Cruz, Tenerife created by Mr. Fred. Olsen Senior.

As the serving Chairman of the Board, Mr. Fred. Olsen Senior stated, “It is very special to be able to link these gardens with a unique cruise itinerary and we know that many of our guests share an enthusiasm for gardening. We also know, from previous experiences such as our Titanic Centenary cruise two years ago, that they enjoy dressing up and taking part in murder mystery-themed events.”

fred olsen senior

Other ports that the ship will be visiting in Portugal and the Canary Islands area are also very intriguing. The route has been specifically chosen as it is the ‘Agatha Christie Route’, named after the famous mystery story author. Agatha may be long gone but thriller-writing legend, Dick Francis’s son, Felix Francis, will be on-board to create a short crime story as it is happening during the sailing.


There are plenty of other interesting things to experience on this cruise besides murder and mayhem. In Leixoes, visit the Porto Cathedral which is constructed in three different architectural styles. In addition, take in the Ribiera Old district designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Funchal, you can try out Levada Walking by using aged irrigation canals as hiking trails.

When you arrive in Santa Cruz, you will be greeted with the enormous Parque Nacional del Teide as well as the Playa de las Teresitas, a beach that has managed to remain unspoiled.

Las Palmas contains intriguing sights as well such as the Plaza de Santa Ana with its iconic twin towered cathedral and ornaments originally from St. Paul’s cathedral. Another attraction is the Casa de Colon, an enormous mansion where Christopher Columbus was rumoured to stay in 1492. It also served as a governor’s palace and is now a museum.

Finally, there is an endless amount of things to do in the capital of Lisbon. Must-see landmarks and attractions include the famous and World Heritage Site the Torre de Belem, the commerce centre of Praca do Comercio and the 25 de Abril Bridge, one of the largest in the world.


Of course, every evening there will be some mystery  guest speakers to match the theme. Former Forensic Medical Examiner with the Metropolitan Police and the Coroner for Essex, Peter Dean will be providing his insight into the fascinating subject of murder and forensic science to figure out ‘who did it’.

Everything you wanted to know about poisons but were afraid to ask will be clarified by eminent poison Historian and Archaeologist, Dr. Dan Jones.

And if learning wasn’t enough, the curator of ‘The Power of Poison’ exhibition, Doctor Mark Siddall will be offering interactive and hands-on classes.

Now is the time to book and not miss out of this once in a lifetime adventure onboard Fred.Olsen’s Boudicca. To book the D1516 cruise click here

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5 Reasons to Consider a Fred. Olsen Cruise

Take a look below at our Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines infographic for 5 reasons you should consider cruising with this traditional British cruise company.
fred olsen cruises infographic


Fred. Olsen is a Norwegian family owned and run company since 1848 with their first cruise sailing taking place in 1987.

Today, the corporation is based in Suffolk, England and embarks from 10 UK ports including Belfast, Dover, Greenock, Leith, Liverpool, Newcastle and Southampton. This makes it convenient for the British passenger as there is no need to fly and pay for excess luggage.

Their ships sail all over the world with an emphasis on the British Isles, Mediterranean, the Baltic, Norway and Africa. Cruise holidays to the Caribbean are available in the winter months.

A cruise holiday onboard the Balmoral, Boudicca, Black Watch or the Braemar is unique and offers a refreshing change. Fred.Olsen concentrate on a more focused approach to the passenger and can do so as their ships accommodate far less people than some of the other major lines.

With a small passenger to staff ratio and travelling to remote destinations, this has caused a jump in popularity for the brand, proving that smaller is better.

Their ships interiors reflect traditional design features. Dressing for dinner on formal nights is required. There is also an endless amount of entertainment options available too.

While other cruise lines are building mega ships that carry more than 3000 passengers, Fred.Olsen’s success story of time honoured style speaks for itself.

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Cruises from the Bristol Port of Avonmouth

The United Kingdom has long been a popular place to embark on a cruise holiday with the most obvious benefit being that there are no airports to contend with!

Cruises from Bristol are relatively new and Avonmouth docks are easily accessible by road and rail plus of course Bristol airport is available for UK regional flights and for international travellers.

Avonmouth Station

Looking to book a Cruise from Bristol? Our knowledgeable specialists can help!



Bristol is proud to call it’s port ‘Britain’s most centrally located deep sea port’, meaning passengers can easily reach the city centre from where their cruise ship docks and explore all that Bristol has to offer. Bristol’s prosperity has been linked to the sea since it was founded as early as the Palaeolithic era and has many attractions and sights for cruise passengers to visit and enjoy.

The city is famous for its music and film industries and also has several very famous artworks throughout the city by world renowned artist Banksy.

The City Museum and Art Gallery is popular with many visitors and it is home to a large collection of archaeology, natural history, Chinese ceramics and art. It is also free for all visitors and open daily.


Bristol is also home to a wonderful historic city centre which has a number of large Tudor mansions which were once built for wealthy sea merchants who used Bristol port to trade goods in days gone by. There are also several buildings in the Byzantine architectural style which are unique to the city and sure to appeal to any fans of architecture and culture.

Many great day trips are available from this port for cruise passengers to enjoy. The charming city of Bath with its natural hot springs is just over 30 minutes away, Shakespeare’s beloved Stratford-upon-Avon and the university city of Oxford are both just an hour and a half away, and the historical wonders of Stonehenge are also less than 90 minutes from the port.

Bath Hot Springs

The two main cruise lines who offer cruises from Bristol are Fred Olsen and Cruise & Maritime Voyages.

Popular British cruise line Fred Olsen’s ship Boudicca will be sailing from here for the first time in 2014 and appeals to passengers who enjoy a smaller, more intimate ship as it has capacity for just 800 guests, a mere minnow in comparison to the modern super liners of today – the largest of which can hold more than 6,000 passengers and more than 2,000 crew!

The Cruise and Maritime ship that offers itineraries from Bristol is the MV Azores. Again, this is perfect for those guests who like to enjoy a smaller ship with less passengers and a more personalised cruise experience.


With all of these great reasons to visit the port of Bristol and two beautiful ships departing from this port why not enquire here to see if a cruise from this wonderful city should be included in your future holiday plans.


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