Culinary Cruises

One type of cruise theme that has been becoming increasingly popular over the last few years is the culinary cruise. This gives guests the chance to embark upon a wonderful cruise with a great itinerary and ports of call whilst enjoying an epicurean journey at sea.

Many different cruise lines have created exciting gastronomic adventures at sea and these include sailing with celebrity chefs who will show you the secrets of how they create some of their most popular dishes and how you can use these skills in your own kitchen at home.

Following on from our recent post “Spice up a Cruise Holiday with Holland America” we have outlined below options from 3 other cruise lines.


One cruise line which has invited celebrity chefs on board is luxury line Silversea. They have invited chefs such as Jason Atherton on board, a celebrity chef who has worked with big names such as Pierre Koffman, Nico Ladenis and Marco Pierre White. He will be on board giving lectures, cooking demonstrations and other exciting events which are sure to appeal to guests.

Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises, another luxury cruise line, have long been world leaders in the culinary world. Two of their ships Marina and Riviera feature the Bon Appetit Culinary Centre which is a hands on culinary school on board which promotes exciting cooking classes and wine tastings throughout the year.

Their new Cuisines of the World programme which is available on all ships in their fleet will see signature dishes from each port of call that the ship visits highlighted in their on board restaurants each night. This is something which is surely set to appeal to guests as it will give them an insight into the gastronomic flavours of the different countries and ports which they are visiting during their cruise holiday.

Oceania Cruises have also launched Culinary Discovery Tours which will be led by highly trained and expert chefs, will visit local food markets, gourmet shops and delis, vineyards and whatever else is available in ports of call and then result in a cooking class on board using the ingredients which have been purchased.

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Culinary experiences at sea are not just available on the more luxury cruise lines, they are also available on some of the more mainstream cruise lines. Norwegian Cruise Line has introduced a new on board gourmet Chef’s Table experience which will involve a nine course culinary adventure. These will be small twelve person dinners which will take place over two and a half hours beginning, of course, with a champagne reception.

So, would you like to enjoy an exciting gastronomic experience on board your next cruise ship? If so why not check out the events listed above, and the many more which are available at sea.


Crushing Cruise Myths

Many people’s vision of cruising consists of elderly couples shuffling gingerly round a ballroom to unimaginative music, endless lines of people stuffing their faces at the buffet and being bored beyond belief whilst cruising in between ports. Well, this image couldn’t be further from the truth of what modern day cruising really is.

On today’s increasingly modern cruise ships there is so much to do that it can often be difficult to fit it all into a short holiday. Modern cruise ships have amazing features such as ice rinks, Formula 1 simulators, bowling alleys, infinity pools, children’s aqua parks, water slides, wave pools, nightclubs, bars, a variety of restaurants, children’s clubs, sports courts, mini golf courses and theatre shows the toughest decision is often where to begin.

Golf Onboard

With all of these features to explore while enjoying being in a new port of call almost every day (depending on your chosen itinerary of course) it can be hard to fit all the activities you’d like to try in.

Cruises offer such a variety of activities to suit passengers of all ages that the perception of nothing but elderly couples in dinner suits and formal dresses couldn’t be further from the truth. In recent years there are increasing numbers of couples and young families embarking on cruise holidays.This is partly due to the exceptional children’s facilities that are offered on board most cruise ships.

Most cruise lines including Royal Caribbean have a specially designed area for children and some of the larger cruise ships have a children’s disco and even an arcade for them to meet other children and allow their parents a well-deserved break. Many cruise ships also offer a babysitting facility where you can leave your children with qualified and efficient staff whilst you enjoy a luxurious evening aboard with your partner or travel companions.

Kids Arcade

During the day there are always activities on board, such as gym classes, dance classes and, on larger cruise ships there are organised sports events such as football, tennis and golf as well as more relaxing activities such as visiting the spa and even just lying on a sunbed with a good book.

Onboard Spa

These are all things most people don’t have time to fit into their daily lives, as we’re all too busy with work, family and other commitments, that being able to relax on a cruise ship and do the things we most enjoy is wonderfully indulgent.

Strict formal dress codes are a thing of the past on many cruise lines too which means passengers who don’t like to get too dressed up for dinner to have some freedom too.

There are a number of cruise lines who still adhere to formal dress codes and personally I enjoy this, it’s not every day a girl gets to get all dressed up in a fancy dress! Whichever option you prefer there is a cruise line who will cater to your needs.

There’s really so much to do onboard today’s modern cruise ships, why not find out for yourself?