Singles Survey Results – No real Surprise!

Singles Survey results

Well no real surprise here then with a massive 84% of people surveyed saying that the price is the biggest concern before booking a cruise for themselves.

Although there can be some fantastic deals around these are nearly always for late bookings or re-positional itineraries where the cruise lines need to fill the cabins rather than sail with them empty.

The lines to look out for regarding good late offers are Fred Olsen, MSC Cruises, Swan Hellenic and Voyages of Discovery and although P&O and NCL for instance have dedicated single cabins they do come at a premium and are usually booked well in advance.

We had some really good feedback from the original post and if you would like to add your own please comment below or see the original post comments.

3 comments on “Singles Survey Results – No real Surprise!

  1. Josephine rushing on said:

    Yes please, keep the solos offers coming.

    I have been with MSC four times, booked with ROL in the past but their offers have not been very reasonable of late and none from MSC.

    Thank you

  2. Andrea Anderson on said:

    I would like to do part of a cruise you have advertised by myself but I don’t know if you do this?

    The cruise is from Southampton to the Panama Canal then on to Lima Peru where I would wish to disembark to spend time in Peru.

    If this is at all possible and if so how much would this cost as I’m working on a budget?

    I was hoping to arrange this for 2016 for my 70th birthday.