Cruises from the Bristol Port of Avonmouth

The United Kingdom has long been a popular place to embark on a cruise holiday with the most obvious benefit being that there are no airports to contend with!

Cruises from Bristol are relatively new and Avonmouth docks are easily accessible by road and rail plus of course Bristol airport is available for UK regional flights and for international travellers.

Avonmouth Station

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Bristol is proud to call it’s port ‘Britain’s most centrally located deep sea port’, meaning passengers can easily reach the city centre from where their cruise ship docks and explore all that Bristol has to offer. Bristol’s prosperity has been linked to the sea since it was founded as early as the Palaeolithic era and has many attractions and sights for cruise passengers to visit and enjoy.

The city is famous for its music and film industries and also has several very famous artworks throughout the city by world renowned artist Banksy.

The City Museum and Art Gallery is popular with many visitors and it is home to a large collection of archaeology, natural history, Chinese ceramics and art. It is also free for all visitors and open daily.


Bristol is also home to a wonderful historic city centre which has a number of large Tudor mansions which were once built for wealthy sea merchants who used Bristol port to trade goods in days gone by. There are also several buildings in the Byzantine architectural style which are unique to the city and sure to appeal to any fans of architecture and culture.

Many great day trips are available from this port for cruise passengers to enjoy. The charming city of Bath with its natural hot springs is just over 30 minutes away, Shakespeare’s beloved Stratford-upon-Avon and the university city of Oxford are both just an hour and a half away, and the historical wonders of Stonehenge are also less than 90 minutes from the port.

Bath Hot Springs

The two main cruise lines who offer cruises from Bristol are Fred Olsen and Cruise & Maritime Voyages.

Popular British cruise line Fred Olsen’s ship Boudicca will be sailing from here for the first time in 2014 and appeals to passengers who enjoy a smaller, more intimate ship as it has capacity for just 800 guests, a mere minnow in comparison to the modern super liners of today – the largest of which can hold more than 6,000 passengers and more than 2,000 crew!

The Cruise and Maritime ship that offers itineraries from Bristol is the MV Azores. Again, this is perfect for those guests who like to enjoy a smaller ship with less passengers and a more personalised cruise experience.


With all of these great reasons to visit the port of Bristol and two beautiful ships departing from this port why not enquire here to see if a cruise from this wonderful city should be included in your future holiday plans.


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21 comments on “Cruises from the Bristol Port of Avonmouth

  1. Derek Maskell on said:


    We would love to cruise from Avonmouth but what facilities are there for travel to and from and are there any secure car parks we could use for the cruise duration?

    We are located at Gloucester.

    Any help much appreciated.


  2. Hi Derek

    Options for getting to the terminal are…

    Train to Bristol Temple Meads and then catch a small regional train to Avonmouth. It is then a short taxi ride into the Port and to the terminal.

    Park on the dock. There is a secure car park about 100m walk from the terminal entrance. Passengers drop bags immediately outside the terminal and then park the cars so they are not burdened with luggage.

    Car Park bookings are with the Cruise lines directly.

  3. Chris Saunders on said:

    seeking car parking at Avonmouth for a 8 day cruise, through Cruise and Maritime on Sat 10/5/14 until sat 17/05/14.

    PLEASE give details of costs. CPSaunders

    • Hello Chris

      If you have already booked you should get in touch with your agent. If you have yet to book we can get a link over to you to request more information.

  4. Anywhere else to park other than port – quite expensive for a 14 day cruise.

  5. Barbara on said:

    Well I have been looking now for the past hour online for cruise terminal parking, not with Fred Olsen cruise line and can not find an alternative which will I am sure put many people off cruising from Avonmouth

    Why is this is there no alternative car parks in and around the docks? So come on Avonmouth get your act togeather as this is unaceptable I for one will NOT be cruising from your terminal sorry!

  6. Roger Mills on said:

    We are currently finalising transport arrangements for our forthcoming September cruise aboard “Discovery” in September.

    I have been on a website about getting to Avonmouth by rail, which clearly states that there are NO taxi-ranks at Avonmouth (taxis must be booked in advance) and that it is better to de-train at Temple Meads and get a cab from there . ………

    Is this correct ???

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    Please call the Port of Bristol on 0117 982 0000 and hopefully they will be able to answer your questions regarding getting to the port and parking options.

  8. Unfortunetly I seem to have the same problem re parking at port as everyone else. We are booked to go on cruise and have just been quoted £165!!!

    For two weeks parking, this is crazy we are driving from east Sussex on a last minute deal which has suddenly gone up by nearly £200.

    I think if Bristol want to be the new cruise departure port they are going to have to sort this issue out, people will simply not pay this or only do it once. Anyone got any other alternatives for long term Parking near port?

  9. Patt Goldspink on said:

    Travelling up on the Saturday, for a Sunday cruise and therefore looking for somewhere to stay overnight in a reasonable area not too far from port. Any suggestions please (as I am not familiar with the area) ? Thank you.

  10. Vince M on said:

    As per earlier comments, I find myself in the same situation re parking, ie I take a late booking at a ‘deal’ price, only to find I’m going to have to pay £165.00 to park the car! There seems to be no alternative way or place to park.

    I am fortunate enough to be able to cruise 2 or 3 times a year, but rest assured this will be the first and only time I will be taking a cruise out of Avonmouth, and I will make sure I spread the word that this is a port to be avoided.

    Port of Bristol please take note, you are doing yourself no favours.

  11. Vince M on said:

    Update to my comment yesterday, I have found a way to do it for less money – it is cheaper to do 2 x 1 day car rentals from Enterprise (who will pick you up to take you to their offices), so less wear & tear on my car, I don’t have to worry about leaving it in a car park for a week, and I effectively get a ‘door to door’ service thanks to Enterprise.

    Added bonus is that the Port of Bristol don’t get to rob me of £165.00

  12. Michael Blackmore on said:

    Can you tell me the name of the cruise ship that sailed from Bristol Avonmouth on the 30th Apr 2015 for Norway?

  13. Sandra Drakes on said:

    We are travelling from Avonmouth in January, and are struggling to find a reasonably inexpensive way to get from Scunthorpe and back, bearing in mind that the cruise is for nearly 8 weeks.

    The parking at the port is quite pricey.

    If anyone has any suggestions, or advice, we would be very grateful.


  14. Sofi Thorne on said:

    You are obviously doing the same cruise as we are and we are struggling too.

    We are in the west London area so pity you are up north or we might have been able to share something!

    Would appreciate hearing if you have found a solution.

    Thank you.

  15. W Edmondson on said:

    Have you tried National Express?

  16. C Nesbitt on said:

    Hi, Not willing to pay the port parking costs.

    Been doing some digging and due to the pricing here have found can get cheaper by parking with APH near Bristol airport (39 days approx. £140) and then getting a taxi with for about £28 each way.

  17. We too are going on a cruise (Marco Polo) from Bristol end of Feb. Awful this parking issue, never dreamed it would cost so much.

    Cruise was very cheap, I know why now.

    We recently did a 3-week Gatwick hotel + park for £76.

  18. Trevor on said:

    I’ve found the answer (for me!). A site called Just booked 4 weeks carpark in someone’s driveway for well under £100.

    Just remains to get a taxi to Avonmouth and back (no more than £30 I hope).

    £90+ saving.