The Benefits of Cruising for Solo Travellers

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There are a multitude of reasons why cruise holidays are the perfect holiday choice for people who are travelling solo. Friendly cruise passengers, high safety levels and plenty of entertainment and group activities are just a few of the reasons why cruises are wonderfully suited for those travelling alone.

Solo Cruising

If you’ve ever been on a cruise holiday before you’ll agree with me when I say how much friendlier people seem to be on a cruise.

People are always striking up conversations with those around them, whether they’re in a queue for an elevator, sitting next to you in the casino, in a bar or whilst enjoying some entertainment in the evening. Because people are friendly and talkative it’s easy to strike up new friendships with fellow cruise passengers.

bar friends

You will also have the option of dining with other cruise passengers on board at meal times and especially in the evening for dinner. When you book your cruise holiday, with the majority of cruise lines you will be asked what size of table you would like to eat you evening meal at, if you pick the fixed dining option.

This would see you seated at a table with the same people and the same waiters every night of your cruise holiday. This can be the perfect opportunity to make friends, chat to new people and generally enjoy your holiday in good company. Perfect for those who might be travelling alone, but who don’t want to be lonely.


There is also the safety aspect to consider when thinking of booking a cruise holiday. If you are otherwise reluctant to travel alone without the reassurance of being with other people then a cruise could be the answer.

On board safety and security of guests is always of paramount importance. You needn’t feel intimidated or at risk when on board or during ship organised shore excursions as you will always be with other people and security officers are always working on board.

If you are travelling alone and wouldn’t decide to go to a traditional land based holiday resort for fear you might become bored of the usual monotonous holiday entertainment then a cruise would provide the perfect alternative.

Cruise holidays offer a plethora of entertainment options available including Broadway style stage shows, casinos, live music, dancing, nightclubs, numerous bars and much more to enjoy in the evening.

During the day there are also dance classes, art classes and events, culinary shows, swimming pools and Jacuzzis, podium talks, destination talks and much more. There’s definitely something to keep every cruise passenger occupied throughout their holiday.

entertainment options

So, with all of these reasons why cruise holidays can be perfect for the solo travellers out there, what are you waiting for? Why not book a cruise holiday and find out for yourself how great they can be!  

Have you cruised alone before? If so we would like to hear your comments below.


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18 comments on “The Benefits of Cruising for Solo Travellers

  1. jeanette doyle on said:

    I have in April used the Holland and America line and enjoyed it very much met up in an evening with 3 other single ladies whom I met at the arranged meeting on the first day.

    All went well and I would cruise again solo at a good price .rgds JNTT

  2. Rosemary Samra-nicolson on said:

    I love cruising and as a single traveller it is definitely my preferred mode of travel. I’ve cruised 4 times on my own and love it.

    The down side can be the single supplement which I detest but I did manage to find one with MSC with NO single supplement whatsoever and it was fab!

  3. Pam Denyer on said:

    I have cruised alone several times since my husband died, and agree that it an ideal way to holiday alone.

    The thing I like best of all is having someone to share a meal with,as I find there is nothing more soul destroying than sitting eating alone.

    Because it is such an ideal way of holidaying alone I find it all the more frustrating that I have to pay double the price of other passenger for the dubious pleasure of travelling alone.

    I fail to see how a cruise line can actually charge for two lots of food even if they have to charge double for the stateroom, but I have certainly had to do that on occasions.

  4. Yvonne Mullin on said:

    I am very aware of the advantages of cruising for the solo traveller and would like to go on one myself but the cost is way out of my price range.

  5. Pat Henry on said:

    I have cruised alone twice. A Nile cruise and a Red Sea cruise and thoroughly enjoyed both. I enjoyed being in company with people as well as quiet times by myself.

    What I didn’t enjoy was paying approx. 50% more than other people just because I was travelling alone.

    I would love to cruise again but find the ‘single supplement’ puts quite a lot of cruises out of my financial reach, particularly now I am retired

  6. Trevor Cole on said:

    I would love to cruise more but the old chestnut, the single supplement.

    I think it unfair I think a supplement of about 10% to 15% would be better making it more accessible to singles.I think value for money is the relocation cruises in march and november(18 days for the price of a singles 7 days).

  7. Maurice Cronin on said:

    I have cruised on Norwiegen Cruise Line ship “Epic” which has about 130 single cabins.

    It also has a lounge exclusively for passengers in these cabins and a host that is available each day. This allows all singles to meet in the lounge daily and plan where and when to meet up for meals.

    I and about six others made our own arrangements for trips ashore at each port and saved on the cost of these organised by the ship. I can recommend this great ship for singles. Never a dull moment.

  8. Maureen Oates on said:

    Last year I had to pay £1610, more than double the price of £765, was told it was for a better cabin, next deck higher, but it was the very last cabin at the front of the ship, and at 82 years old, with breast cancer, it was an ordeal to go back to it.

    On the Sunday afternoon there was an engine room fire, and if I had had to go to the cabin for my life jacket I would probably have been roasted alive.

    Also, as my travel agent had not sent me details of the tours, every time I went to the booking desk I was told they were all full, but to keep trying in case there was a last minute cancellation, I usually got a seat last minute, and on boarding the coach found many empty seats, so it was obvious they were hoping to get bookings from couples.

  9. jeanette doylej on said:

    I just read your comment about the epic and the single cabins they have ,are they very small as they look it on the web site ?

    Would you cruise with this line again and reccommend it to solo travellers over the age of 60 as there are a few ladies in my group who would be interested from feedback .

    Kind regards Jeanette Merseyside

  10. Judith Eggleston on said:

    I would love to travel on a solo cruise but it is too expensive for me – I have to wait until a last minute cruise who fill up their cabins if they have not been reserved by two persons.

  11. Judith Eggleston on said:

    Please contact me if you revise your pricing for a solo occupant.

    I have done lots of cruising and am just looking for a Baltics cruise which included Germany and especially St. Petersburg.

    I can travel at short notice.

  12. Maureen Collins on said:

    I have travelled once solo on a cruise and really enjoyed it. I travelled with P&O and although I paid a small single supplement, I was upgraded to a lovely double stateroom.

    I also like your other correspondents really object to being charged almost double by some cruise lines (notably Fred Olsen) for being dumped into a poky little inside stateroom. How can they justify this, we solo travellers are only eating one person’s ration of food, only using one person’s ration of hot water etc.

    It is absolutely scandalous that cruise lines can get away with this.

    It’s lovely to be able to let off steam.

    Regards, Maureen (from Kent)

  13. M.Williams on said:

    I have been on several MSC cruises with no single supplement especially on re-positioning cruises and have really enjoyed them even though the South American cruises can be very chaotic at mealtimes.

    It is a great way to cruise and see different cities.

    Give it a go!

  14. Betty Brown on said:

    It would help when advertising cruises that single prices were quoted.

    No point in sending me details about offers for couples.

    What I need to know is how much does it cost for one without having the hassle of ringing up. Where I choose to go in most cases is based on price.

  15. Trish Rickman on said:

    I too am against the high charge for single travellers. I wonder if you would be kind enough to give me information on the “relocation cruises in March and November”. I have not heard about these.

    Thank you.


  16. Diana on said:

    I agree. I went on 2 land holidays to resorts and mealtime was the worst.

    I wished these places would set up a table for singles and so we could share a meal together.

    Club Meds do it that way and it was always fun!

    I’ve been on tours that I’ve paid the single supplement and received worse rooms than the others which is very annoying.

  17. Carolyn on said:

    Agree with all the previous comments, single travellers, generally are not catered for and charged exhorbitant prices for the priviledge.

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